Friday, 19 July 2019

Electricity Market Team

Electricity Market Team (EMT)


CPPA believes that the transition towards a competitive electricity market would not be possible without the dedicated involvement of the relevant power sector entities. And the more engaged the stakeholders are in the development of the competitive electricity market, the more they would be able to contribute towards its implementation and operation.

Keeping this in view, CPPA took the initiative to establish a team of stakeholders including representatives from MoE(PD), NEPRA, NTDC, NPCC, DISCOs and K-Electric. Additionally, Faculty members of LUMS and NUST are also part of this team. This team was launched through the platform of EMP Program at LUMS and is given the title of Electricity Market Team (EMT). The aim is to bring professionals from relevant sectors of the market on a centralized platform to work closely and collaboratively toward the development and implementation of competitive market in Pakistan.