Monday, 23 September 2019

Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):
The Central Power Purchasing Agency, Guarantee Limited (CPPA-G) is an independent company that shall act as the financial clearing house for transactions between Generation Companies and Distribution Companies for the sale and purchase of electric power, a function that is currently being carried out by CPPA as part of the National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC).

The standard operating procedures (SOPs) currently in practice by CPPA of NTDC for the billing and settlement process have been laid down in this document. These procedures shall be followed by CPPA-G, in accordance with the Market Rules and the Commercial Code until such time as new procedures are put into place.

The procedures prescribed herein refer to the Verification, Billing, Settlement and Payment processes at CPPA-G. The document includes details of work flow within the organization as well as key responsibilities of each department and its personnel in carrying out the aforementioned processes in the best possible and mutually agreed manner. The SOPs have been divided as follows:

> SOP-1 describes the SOPs associated with CPPA-G’s Verification Process and subsequent bill generation. The data required for this process comprises of the Meter Reading Performa and claimed invoices received at the relevant CPPA-G department for a particular billing month.The verification of this data iscarried out invarious departments and results in the issuance of electricity sales bill and payment invoices.

  • >SOP-2 lists down key practices followed by CPPA-G for Settlements and Payments. It also provides information on the roles of technical, financial and treasury departments of CPPA-G, in this process.

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