Tuesday, 04 October 2022

List of IPP's

# IPP (Independent Power Producers)
1 ACT Wind (Pvt) Limited
2 AJ Power (Private) Ltd.
3 Almoiz Industries Limited
4 Altern Energy Ltd.
5 Appolo Solar Development Pakistan Limited
6 Artistic Energy (Pvt.) Limited
7 Atlas Power Limited
8 Attock Gen Limited
9 Azad Jammu & Kashmir Power Development Organzation
10 Best Green Energy Pakistan Limited
11 Central Power Generation Company Limited-(Genco-2)
12 Chanar Energy Limited
13 China Power Hub Generation company (Pvt.) Ltd
14 Chiniot Power Limited
15 Crest Energy Pakistan Limited
16 Davis Energen (Pvt) Limited
17 Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited
18 Engro Powergen Thar (Pvt) Limited
19 F.D QESCO (Collector of Customs Quetta)
20 Fatima Energy Limited
21 Fauji Kabirwala Power Company Ltd.
22 FFC Energy Limited
23 Foundation Power Company Daharki Ltd.
24 Foundation Wind Energy-I Limited
25 Foundation Wind Energy-II (Pvt.) Limited
26 Gul Ahmed Wind Power Ltd
27 Gulf Powergen (Pvt) Ltd
28 Habibullah Coastal Power Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
29 Halmore Power Generation Company Limited
30 Hamza Sugar Mills Limited
31 Harapa Solar (Pvt) Limited
32 Hawa Energy (Private) Limited
33 Huaneng Shandong Ruyi Energy (Pvt) Ltd
34 Hydrochina Dawood Power (Private) Limited
35 Jamshoro Power Company Limited-(Genco-1)
36 Japan Power Generation Ltd.
37 JDW Sugar Mills Ltd.
38 Jhimpir Power (Private) Limited
39 Karachi Nucelar Power Plants
40 Kohinoor Energy Ltd.
41 Kot Addu Power Company Ltd.
42 Lakhra Power Generation Company Limited-(Genco-4)
43 Lalpir Power (Private) Limited
44 Laraib Energy Limited
45 Liberty Power Tech Limited
46 Master Wind Energy Limited
47 Metro Power Company Ltd
48 Mira Power Limited
49 Narowal Energy Limited
50 National Power Parks Management Company Private Limited
51 Neelum Jhelum Hydropower Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
52 Nishat Chunian Power Limited
53 Nishat Power Limited
54 Northern Power Generation Company Limited-(Genco-3)
55 Orient Power Company (Private) Limited
56 PAEC Chashma Nuclear Power Plant.
57 Pak Gen Power Limited
58 Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organization (Malakand-III)
59 Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organzation (PEDO)
60 Pakistan State Oil
61 Port Qasim Electric Power Company (Pvt.) Limited
62 Quaid E Azam Solar Power Pvt Ltd
63 Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power (Pvt) Limited
64 Reshma Power Generation (Pvt) Ltd
65 Rousch Pak Power Ltd.
66 RYK Mills Limited
67 Saba Power Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
68 Sachal Energy Development (Private) Limited
69 Saif Power Limited
70 Sapphire Electric Company Limited
71 Sapphire Wind Power Company Limited
72 Sarhad Hydel Developement Organization
73 Southern Electric Power Co Ltd.
74 Star Hydro Power Limited
75 Tavanir Iran
76 Tenaga Generasi Limited
77 Thal Industries Corporation Ltd
78 The Hub Power Company Limited
79 Three Gorges First Wind Farm Pakistan (Private) Limited
80 Three Gorges Second Wind Farm Pakistan Limited
81 Three Gorges Third Wind Farm Pakistan (Private) Limited
82 TNB Liberty Power Ltd.
83 Tricon Boston Consulting Corporation (Private) Limited
84 Uch Power Ltd.
85 Uch-II Power (Pvt.) Limited
86 UEP Wind Power (Pvt)Ltd
87 WAPDA Hydel
88 Yunus Energy Limited
89 Zephyr Power (Pvt.) Limited
90 Zorlu Enerji Pakistan Limited